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SuperStar  MaheshBabu Upcoming Movie  Spyder .Starting with Rakul Preeth,MaheshBabu,S. J. Surya, Bharath, RJ Balaji, Priyadarshi Pulikonda and Others

Spyder Movie Review :

The first half of SPYder progresses at its own pace, establishing the hero, the Intelligence agent Shiva, and his entry into the case involving the two psycho killer brothers. “Evaru evarni champutaaro memu choosukuntam” and the stage is perfectly set for the second half.

Let’s hope second half doesn’t have any dull moments.
The story is moving as a Crime investigation one and Mahesh is totally at his best.

AR Murugadoss serves a half baked food! Okay, first of all, this movie doesn’t deserve Mahesh Babu and Mahesh Babu don’t deserve such a movie! Any hero could have done it. It is not that kinda movie where it’s worth the wait for fans and the actor who had all hopes for more than a year. Two action blocks are pretty good, but they lack impact. Apherald.com

Mahesh Babu has pinned a lot of hopes on Spyder as his last film Brahmotsavam bombed heavily at the box office. He has the immense faith in Murugadoss’s capabilities and this is the time he feels that he can make a solid comeback. 123Telugu.com

A high-power action entertainer with an extremely menacing villain to spice up the occasion. BehindWoods.com

Mahesh Babu, AR Murugadoss film is the smart spy thriller Telugu cinema needed .Mahesh Babu and SJ Suryah are brilliant in their respective roles, and their conversations and confrontation is the core strength of the film. Full credit to Murugadoss for coming up with a smartly written and well-directed film. Two big thumbs up. Go watch it. FirstPost.com

Spyder is a movie which runs on a conflict between a good guy who wants to save people from the problems created by other people to them and a bad guy who literally is a psycho who is fascinated by the cries of people and who enjoys the sound and emotion of crying. They both go to any extent to achieve their objectives. A R Murugadoss who proved himself with his previous movies seemed to be in a bad form in making this movie. He could have written a much engaging and convincing screenplay to continue his success streak.  Chitramala.in

సినిమా స్టార్టింగ్ నుంచి ఎండింగ్ వ‌ర‌కు ఎక్కువుగా ప్లాట్ న‌రేష‌న్‌తో న‌డిచింది. సెకండాఫ్‌లో వ‌చ్చే కొన్ని సీన్లు మాత్రం బాగా రైజ్ అవ్వ‌డంతో పాటు ప్రేక్ష‌కుల‌ను థ్రిల్‌కు గురి చేశాయి. ఎమోష‌న్ కూడా ఓకే. అయితే కామెడీకి, రొమాంటిక్ ట్రాక్‌కు మాత్రం అస్స‌లు స్కోప్ లేదు. స్పైడ‌ర్ మురుగ‌దాస్ మార్క్ థ్రిల్లింగ్ ఎలిమెంట్స్ ఉన్న రొటీన్‌ మూవీ మాత్ర‌మే. TeluguJournalist.com

The director doesn’t even exploit the contrasting acting styles of his hero and villain to the full – the understated, almost Zen-like acting style of Mahesh Babu and the over-the-top, but crowd-pleasing performance of SJ Suryah. Times of India 

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The spy thriller takes unconvincing liberties in the second half.  A tragedy of epic proportions is sought to be reduced into a hero vs villain rivalry without a compelling narrative.  Mahesh’s studied acting prowess is remarkable.  He drives the film, ably assisted by the technical departments. IndiaGlitz.com

Spyder has some bright moments here and there besides good performances of Mahesh and Surya. But the magic of Murugadoss has been missing with the logic going for a toss. Spyder is different from regular stuff, but misses the mark by a fair distance. It will go down as another disappointment from superstar whose last film was a huge misfire.

Verdict: No Spyce!  Gulte.com


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Spyder Telugu Movie Review

Spyder Telugu Movie Review












            • Nice Movie
            • SuperStar Performance Awsome


            • very poor action sequence
            • Screenplay
            • There is No smartness in unfolding the murder mystery
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            Released on : 27-09-2017
            Banner : NVR Cinema, Reliance Entertainment
            Casting : Mahesh Babu, Rakul Preet Singh, S. J. Surya, Bharath, RJ Balaji, Priyadarshi Pulikonda and Others
            Music : Harris Jayaraj
            Director : AR Murugadoss
            Producer : N.V. Prasad, Tagore Madhu
            Cinematographer : Santosh Sivan