Technology is growing. Many companies are changing their technology to make use of the film industry. Modern technology was used for propagating the Bahubali campaign. Also I have added new technology for the self-styled minister’s stands. Now a company is opening a new experiment. Preparing a movie in a single language to make it look in many languages.

Spyder in Arbic

That is how the dialogues in a language are made for translation dialogues in all languages. Dubbing is said. All of them are loaded in an application. Those who go to the theater choose to go into the phone application and choose the desired language and headphones. Whether in any language on the screen is the cinema, in the ears of the dialogues in our language. This application is still in development. A company based in Delhi is working on it.

If this is done, then Tamil films can be seen in Tamil films playing in Hyderabad. Kannada films can be seen in Telugu films in Bangalore. The film market will increase. In the meantime, another company has come forward to translate the Telugu films into the languages ​​of the world. The company came forward to translate into any of the charges and take the share of the profits that were released in those languages.

In this way Telugu movie spider is going to be released in Arabic. A teaser for Malaysia was also released. There will not be much extra cost. There will be a total of five crores of rupees. Why not give up Using the technology, the producer is paying four dollars. But if you do so, you have to repay another crores of rupees, and if the heroes are caught, the waste.

It’s actually happening now. If the market is expanding, the heroes are increasing their republicanism. The top heroes’ reaction has now reached 20 to 30 crore. What will the producers get? How much technology is there?