Astronomers working on Stephen Hawking’s Breakthrough Listen project picked up fifteen Fast Radio Bursts (FRBs) from a dwarf galaxy 3 million light years from Earth. Scientists are unable to determine the origin of the signals and do not exclude that they may come from intelligent alien forms of life.

Radio flashes appeared last Saturday. It is unclear whether the signals that appeared within 30 minutes are related to processes occurring near black holes, changes in neutron star rotation, or proof of “alien”.


Signals came from an object marked FRB 121102. Astronomers have been receiving flares from this source since 2012. This is the only object in which radio flashes repeated.

“We have never seen such high frequency flashes from FRB 121102 before,” the Astronomer’s Telegram reported. – More accurate observations of the facility were made at higher frequencies.

“Not only aliens are intriguing”

“Recalling aliens as a potential solution to this puzzle is too easy,” Nadia Drake wrote in a Twitter report on National Georgetics.

– Things can collide (or blink) in space and be captivating / fascinating / embarrassing without having to associate with HAPPY! – she added in the next post.

Emily Calandrelli – I think this argument ignores the fact that public opinion is more interested in aliens than neutron stars.

– If “Breakthrough Listen” is involved, then it would be a shame not to include extraterrestrial life, she added.


Professor Stephen Hawking founded “Breakthrough Listen” in 2016 to investigate and identify the signals of intelligent life in the universe. One of the co-financiers of the project is the Russian billionaire Jurji Milner.


During the fix


“In addition to confirming that the source of the flares is in active state, thanks to the high quality of the data obtained by our device, we can more accurately determine the properties of these mysterious phenomena,” said scientist Vishal Gajjar, who noted the increased signal activity in the galaxy.

In the past, astronomical devices mistakenly read light-emitting diodes – scientists were receiving signals from Earth. Now, however, astronomers with a hundred percent sure that the flares were out of our atmosphere.

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