LIE Movie Review  :

LIE is a film which has a very interesting plot and even the strongest of support from the lead stars But it is the execution that falters as unnecessary scenes keep coming in at regular intervals spoiling the effect of the thriller a bit. However, rich production values, Arjun and Nithin save the film with their power packed performances and make LIE a watchable fare for action movie lovers. 123Telugu.Com

‘LIE’ has an interesting storyline for a Telugu movie and has superior production values with stylized acts from Arjun and Nithin. The movie is a mixed bag as it offers riveting feel in the first half but the same tempo is missed in second half. Watchable for its “spy” thrilling moments.Telugucinima

Nithiin looks the part with his rugged makeover and strikes a chord with the audience. He tugs at the heart strings of his female fans with his suave portrayal. Megha Akash does her bit and looks, well, just about okay on screen. Sriram is seen in a Telugu film after long and he plays the loyal friend role to the T, almost as if sleepwalking through the role. Nasser, Ravi Kishan, Pruthvi Raj, Brahmaji and Sudarshan have done a great job. Times of India

Nithin is Confident and goes with his work clinically .The Movie Offera nothing special performance wise.It is a Stylish outing with fun thrown in equal doses.The actor is good on both the counts ,but there is nothing else to talk about . Mirchi9


Lie is just a routine thriller but the way Hanu Raghavapudi handled the writing department and the way he set the premise, the way he introduced characters, the way he reveal the plot twists, the way he approached the scenes, the way he summed up or the way the justified the title stands out. Hanu Raghavapudi is a talent to watch out for among youth. His writing is the backbone of this lie which is supported by visioned execution and superb technicians and uncompromising producers. Chitramala


Nithiin is more reckless than intense, by and large. That was the idea, but when he is emotional, he is more convincing. In the canvas of a crime thriller, the young actor holds his ground. Arjun’s is easily one of the best negative characters written in a long time. He delivers a mind-blowing performance, especially in two disguises (watch on the screen). Sriram is talented and one wants to see more and more of him in Telugu cinema. Nasser is very good, while Ravi Kishan is earnest. Comedian Madhu Nandan as a victim of Nithiin’s friendship passes muster.

Nithiin has given his career best performance and looks handsome in the film. He carried off the role with ease. Megha Akash did a fine job. She looks cute. One of the biggest and major assets of the film is action king Arjun. He is the soul of the movie. Audience can’t imagine anyone else in the role of Padmanabham after watching Lie>

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LIE Telugu Movie Review

LIE Telugu Movie Review












            • Mani Sharma background score
            • Actoin King Arjun Excellent Performance


            • Run Time
            • Average Film
            LIE Movie Review
            • 123Telugu
            • Telugucinima
            • Neticinima
            • Mirchi9
            • Chitramala


            Released on : 11-08-2017
            Banner : 14 Reels
            Cast :Nithiin ,Arjun & Megha Akash
            Music : ManiSharma
            Director : Hanu Raghavapudi
            Producers : Anil Sunkara, Ram Achanta, Gopichand Achanta
            Cinematographer : J.Yuvaraj