The iPhone-8 is expected to come across the world in the coming months. According to latest information, the phone is in the second week or third week of September. Another rumor that is being heard is that this phone is worth a thousand dollars in the international market and in Indian Market it would cost nearly 1 Lac Rupees. If it is true then it is possible to create the series -8 (top-end model) record as the most expensive iPhone in India.

The price is 1 Lac on the side. This time the iPhone is going to be revolutionary. Apple is also removing the  “home button” on the phone, and the news is likely to have a “virtual button” in place. The iPhone will be able to make some more revolutionary changes during the tenth anniversary of their company.

In addition to the virtual button, you will get another advanced feature called Three D Face ID. The iPhone 8 is equipped with 512 GB storage, 3 GB RAM, 2 cameras (one pixel-like image sensor), OLED display and a faster A-11 processor.