Indrasena Movie Review :


Mirchi9 Rating  : 2.25/5

As far as the story is concerned, it is being reported that the film is about two siblings and the rivalry between them. Vijay can be seen in two different avatars, a drunkard and a teacher. However, there is a mafia touch to his character, which would be revealed only when the film hits the screens. TollywoodNet

TollywoodNet Rating : 1/5

Indrasena is a sacrificing tale of a good guy called Indrasena. Though the film has a good storyline and some hard-hitting family emotions, too many subplots and unwanted diversions disturb the flow of the film. All we suggest you is keep your expectations in check as the film does not have any different story as associated with all Vijay Anthony films and ends up as just an okay watch this weekend. 123 Telugu 

123 Telugu  Rating   : 2.75/5

Telugu Bullet Rating : 3/5




Indrasena Review Ratings

Indrasena Review Ratings



Indrasena Movie Review Ratings
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Released on : 30-12- 2017
Banner : Vijay Antony Film Corporation, R Studios
Casting : Vijay Antony, Diana Champika, Mahima, Jwell Mary, Radha Ravi, Kaali Venkat, Nalinikanth, Rindhu Ravi and Others
Music : Vijay Antony
Director : Srinivasan
Producer : Radikaa Sarathkumar, Fatima Vijayantony
Cinematographer : K. Dhillraj