Sunday, March 4, 2018
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FeedlyReader – alternative Feedly client for Android

feedly reader

Feedly, perhaps, one of the best RSS-services, but its official client for Android is not very convenient. FeedlyReader helps you read your favorite articles with great comfort.

FeedlyReader synchronizes your RSS subscriptions with the Feedly service. The application shows articles completely, without having to open them in the browser. The required materials can be saved to the selected deferred reading service: Pocket, Readability or Instapaper.

The application displays RSS feeds in the side menu, dividing them into categories you created. In addition, there are favorites and tags in the same place. The application provides the ability to add news sources directly from the interface. You can insert your link or select from hundreds of already ready subscriptions available for keywords. New sources will be automatically added to your Feedly.

If you have a lot of news and you do not want to open and read each one, you can turn on the “Read with scrolling” option in the sort menu. So you can easily view the headlines of news, and the flicked up articles will be automatically marked with the reads.

A small feature: you can work with materials in FeedlyReader not only with clicks, but with svaypami. Swap to the left will add the news to the favorites, the svayp to the right will mark it as read. Svaypami can switch between open articles.

FeedlyReader can automatically download unread articles in the cache so that you can read them without connecting to the Internet.

The application is absolutely free, weighs only a few megabytes and can run on almost any Android device.