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Chal Mohan Ranga Movie:

Tollywood Hero Nithin Latest Upcoming Movie Chal Mohan Ranga .Directed by Krishna Chaitanya. Produced by Power Star Pawan Kalyan and Sudhakar Reddy.Pawan Kalyan First Time Produced this Film.Beautiful Music Composed by  Star Singer Thaman S.Starring with Nithin ,Megha Aksha,Naresh,Rao Ramesh and Others.

Chal Moan Ranga is yet another routine romantic drama which has some good moments here and there. Lovely songs and decent episodes of comedy keep the audience engaged. Storywise, there is nothing much to look forward as this is a film where you need to go with the flow of the proceedings which are kept light-hearted. If you ignore the above-said things and want to watch a simple time pass flick this weekend, this film can be given a shot. But keep your expectations in check.

123 Telugu Rating : 3/5

‘Chal Mohan Ranga’ is an aimless and time-pass ride, which starts out with promise and has a few highs – if only it had a better story and character development. Go watch the film if you’ve nothing to do and with zero expectations, you might not leave disappointed.

Times of India Rating : 2.5/5

Chal Mohan Ranga works in the department of comedy (the hilarious scene is ‘jockey’ underwear episode). The first half is engaging enough but second half lacks effectiveness with lengthy scenes. Comedy and music have tried to salvage this movie that has road elements, destiny theme.

Sify Rating : 2.75/5

Though the film is not upto the mark in terms of story, the makers tried their best to present the movie in an entertaining manner. The second half is much better than the first half and hence the audiences come out of the theaters with a positive feeling. On the whole, Chal Mohan Ranga makes a good watch.

Thehans India  Rating : 3/5




Chal Mohan Ranga Telugu Movie Review Rating

Chal Mohan Ranga Telugu Movie Review Rating



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Released on : coming soon
Banner:Sreshth Movies
Cast : Nithiin,Megha Akash,Rao Ramesh,Naresh and Others
Director : Krishna Chaitanya
Producers : Pawan Kalyan And Sudhakar Reddy
Music : Thaman S