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All India Upcoming Movie . Tollywood Hero  Nara Rohit Upcoming  Latest Movie Bala Krishnudu . Directed by Pavan Mallela .Produced by B Mahendra Babu.Movie Start with Nara Rohit , Regina Cassandra .

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Balakrishnudu is a typical masala entertainer, which has nothing new or fresh to offer in terms of the story. Some action, romance and comedy sequences keep you engaged in the first half of the movie. The second half is also equally entertaining and engaging, say the viewers. Worth to Watch Film in Theaters this Friday Entertainer. Press Ks 

 Press Ks Rating :  3/5

On the whole, Balakrishnudu is a routine commercial entertainer which has nothing new to showcase. Age old story line and predictable proceedings kill the film most of the time. If you are the one who likes masala stuff with a pinch of comedy thrown in here and there, Balakrishnudu is for you but the rest can explore other releases this week. 123 Telugu

123 Telugu Rating : 2.75/5

Balakrishnudu is a road story that unfolds in a span of one day. In such stories, you normally expect the screenplay to be fast-paced, racy and gripping. But we get no such impression and things unfold at their own pace in a sequential manner, more along the lines of a drama. When half-an-hour into the film, we can predict the direction the story will eventually take, then how well you manage to engage the audience depends on how unique your screenplay is. On that front, Balakrishnudu disappoints. Times of India 

Times of India  Rating  : 2.5/5

Balakrishnudu is all about keeping a man’s dreams and daughter alive from the enemies he made with his good and socially helpful behaviour. He may have died but his sister in the name of Bhanumathi always strives and works in that aspect. Director Pawan Mallela tried his best to narrate the movie in a very commercial way in every possible way and he is succeeded in some way but failed in choosing a right script for that. He has succeeded in showing Nara Rohit in a never before seen way and he used him commercially despite his flaws. Chitramala 

Chitramala  Rating :  2.5/5

Andhrajyothy Rating : 2/5

Telugu.samayam  Rating  : 2/5

Pawan Mallela came with a routine age old story with no real twists and turn. 30 years Pruthvi saved the film from turning into a disaster. Except for the comedy of Pruthvi, there is nothing in the film. Overall Balakrishnudu is poorly executed film.Tollywood Net

Tollywood Net Rating :  2/5

Pallibatani  Rating : 3.25/5







Bala Krishnudu Telugu Movie Review

Bala Krishnudu Telugu Movie Review












            • Nice Movie
            • Family Entertainer
            • Ramya Krishna Performance
            • Regina & Nara Rohith Chemistry
            • Item Song Super


            • Nothing New
            • Routine Story
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            Released on : 1-12-2017
            Banner : Saraschandrikaa Visionary Motion Pictures
            Cast : Nara Rohit, Regina Cassandra
            Music : Mani sharma
            Director : Pavan Mallelr
            Producers : B Mahendra Babu, Musunuru Vamsi, Sri Vinod Nandamuri