To avoid GST small tips for you.

Take a bottle of water with you while you go outside.

Prepare pulihora, lemon rice or any other food which lasts longer at home and take with you.

Purchase food grains in small and neat retail shops in loose and take your bag with you.

Prepare any special food and spend time with your family members at home and enjoy during weekend.

Avoid multiplex and watch movies in ordinary theatres.

In holidays don’t go for shopping in malls, visit your home town and spend time with your Grand parents, relatives and friends.

After finishing your walking or gym don’t drink coffee or tea in hotels, go to your home and have black tea or any other healthy drinks.

As in olden days stay any friend’s or relatives home on tours if possible.

To save tax try to do your own instead of depending on others.

Save your Self and for your family, avoid unnecessary expenditure luxury life styles. Let’s make our Old India.

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