5 Small Business Marketing Ideas By Harish Amilineni

Small businesses are the mainstay of the global economy and their presence helps to drive the fiscal year forward. Their presence alone contributed to over 60% of the economic international pie in developed and developing countries, a number that runs into several trillions of dollars. Starting a small business gives you an added advantage over the larger corporations in a sense that you are much more mobile, you don’t have to micromanage so much, you are not bound by international laws and business processes are don’t much easier internally. While this takes care of the mechanism of your company, Harish Amilineni we now have to look at the marketing ideas that small business have to churn out to ensure the floating point of the company remains above water.Harish Amilineni  A small business is limited in a sense that it has a smaller budget and a much smaller share of the market, so it needs differing strategies. A small business cannot spend hundreds and thousands of dollars on large advertising campaigns or massive scale PR events, they have to be smarter in the way they market themselves and here are some of the best 5 small business marketing ideas there are.

Harish Amilineni

You are limited by costs and thus the first thing you have to do is to make use of the cheap and the free. All your marketing strategies should have the word internet, virtual and cyberspace in them because with more than 6 million people logged in at any one time, you are missing out on the largest, cheapest marketing pie in the world. Using forums, websites, affiliate marketing (online), digital fax and email marketing, these are the prime real estates online that you should twist to your own ends. As long as your marketing efforts are above board then you have the best platform that has levelled the playing field for companies who are pumping huge amounts to get to a lot of people very fast. Word of mouth is also very important – however the methods behind getting that machinery to work is varied and can be quite vague. Also, using below the line forms of marketing like flyers and brochures are also a great way to market yourself – they cost a fraction of above the line collaterals and can be just as effective, depending on where you place your distribution choke points. Get a plan up and going and make sure that its budget closely matches what your small business can afford. Using alternative forms of advertising (in Japan, advertisers even sell the back ends of tissue wrappers) and guerrilla marketing as well as viral online campaigns. Look into having small scale events to get the word out.

Having a small business means you need to be smart when thinking of the appropriate strategy to use when formulating your marketing plan. Budget, budget and then budget some more, you would be surprised how effective some of these low cost methods are in getting your product known in the market place.
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