Global warming is a problem that has a big impact on our planet. The industrialization of our society has been exploiting the planet’s natural resources for decades, causing an increase in pollution and too rapid changes in climate.

Now, the effects of climate change can be seen anywhere in the world, and these photographers have begun to grasp how bad things are going.

Overpopulation is one of the main causes of global warming and we have a look at Mexico City, one of the most densely populated places in the world

In Haiti, the poorest country in the world, four million people are crammed into the small town of Port-au-Prince.


New Delhi is home to a staggering 25 million people and is full of landfills and pollution.

Even in Los Angeles, it is alarming how much electricity they need to provide the city.

With so many people on Earth, we have had to develop a technology necessary to lead a life as we know it, but this has brought dire consequences for the planet. This was left behind after an incineration plant in Bangladesh.


This giant plant in Canada was built to process oil sands.

Another Canadian development oil sands plant shows how much the landscape can alter.

In Oregon, a whole forest has been felled to make a new prey.

And in British Columbia, Canada, whole mountains have been ruined due to deforestation.

This giant diamond mine in Russia is the largest in the world.

This vast oil field in California stretches for miles, making the land underneath lifeless …

These animals are part of a massive industrial facility in Brazil.

Emissions from this factory in the UK obscure the sky around it.

And these veins show the pollution left by dense air traffic over London on a daily basis.

This chaotic Black Friday scene is a clear reflection of the materialistic society in which we live.

We are not aware of the amount of waste we generate daily, like these tires scattered throughout the Nevada desert.

Electronic devices that are no longer needed, are often dumped in developing countries, despite the toxic metals they contain.

This surfer in Indonesia is surfing a wave wrapped in garbage.

In fact, there is an entire island in the Pacific Ocean composed of garbage discarded by humans and carried there by ocean currents.

When animals consume this garbage, they suffer slow and painful deaths.

Unfortunately, some humans intentionally kill endangered animals like this elephant in Kenya.

This Amur tiger is one of the rarest in the world, but also died at the hands of poachers to sell their skin.

This behavior is rapidly affecting humans, wreaking havoc around the world.

In China, the high pollution of the Yellow River gives off an unbearable smell.

In Colorado, global warming has led to an increase in forest fires, forcing thousands to flee their homes.

Here, the cattle graze only a few meters from the flames.

Due to climate change, these glaciers are melting at breakneck speeds.

The disappearing glaciers bring about the disappearance of the natural habitat and food supply of this polar bear in Svalbard, Norway, causing them to starve.

Soon, entire countries could be completely underwater due to sea level rise, such as this island in the Maldives.

But hope is not lost: there are some people are doing their part to avoid damaging the planet.

In Almeria, Spain, 10,000 greenhouses were built to help cool the area and provide a sustainable source of food.

This is only a small step, but we must take many more drastic steps if we want to preserve our planet for generations to come.

If each of us were more aware of the amount of energy we consume and waste that we produce, then we would try to reduce that consumption and help make the Earth a safer, less polluted place.

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